Friday, July 4, 2008

Portland showtimes - EXTENDED 1 week!

Confirmed for 6/27/08 - 07/11/08

Living Room Theaters
341 SW Tenth Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

Showtimes: 2:00 4:20 7:00 9:20


Jason said...

Let's get this into Atlanta!

Anonymous said...

How about Canada?

Anonymous said...

gucfcSomething you might want to think about, while you are going to the movie premiers. Who's minding the tomb? And if it hasnt been destroyed by the roof caving in, do you honestly think that nobody else can find it? If this is so sensitive that it has the implications you say are attached to it. Dont you think you might not want to post specific information like the burial site on ben hammotts web page? well i guess that its too late now. Just wondering,

Brandon said...

Bruce. I saw you at the showing in dallas last night (july,11th) I didnt speak to you because I figured you would be there for another showing. (foolish of me). has anyone suggested to you the possibility of the Bloodline being of Nephilim origins? the Genesis 6 angle reitterated by Jesus in Matt. 24:37-38:// ?