Friday, August 28, 2009


You Really CAN Go Home Again!

The Bloodline screening in Tulsa went great. It was so cool to be ‘back home’ with old friends and colleagues and also to make so many new friends.

From left: Rene regaling friends Mike McCarthy, Barbara McCarthy, and Dominique Khordoc with tales from L.A. and the Languedoc.

I have to tell you I was just a little nervous… sort of felt like Janis Joplin going back to Port Arthur… wondering if you really can’t go home again… especially when home is The Bible Belt and you’ve made a controversial film most surely to be considered heretical by most folks there.

Of course, there were old friends there as well… some of my old radio colleagues from back in the day (KAKC, the Rockin’ 97!), the Van Marens and the McCarthys… and my good buddy Myrna Avance who put me up while I was in town.

René and Myrna… BFFs!!!

I’ve been away from Oklahoma for a long time now, so I just didn’t know what to expect until I got there. But, although it was, ironically, the one city where we’ve screened Bloodline and received NO attention from the press, save a tiny article in the Tulsa World, the screening itself could not have gone better.

Bloodline poster in the lobby of the Circle Cinema in Tulsa, Ok.

Unity Center of Tulsa was kind enough to let me up to the pulpit on Sunday morning to talk briefly about the film before the screening at the Circle Cinema later that night. When I got to the theater, it was reassuring to see several of the people I’d met earlier at Unity . Then I knew I was among friends.

René answers lots of questions from Tulsa Movie-goers. (AND vows never to be photographed in short sleeves again!)

It’s so interesting as we travel around with Bloodline to see how these ideas are catching on everywhere and resonating with so many people. It really does seem the world is moving faster and faster toward bigger and bigger changes.

Tulsa movie-goers... including my friend Monique Khordoc (Lower left hand corner) who drove up to Tulsa from Dallas with her husband, business man and teacher Jean-Pierre, & the lovely Michelle Wiens (lower right hand corner) who along with her husband, Circle Cinema owner Clark Wiens, hosted Bloodline

Thanks to everyone in Tulsa… especially Clark and Michelle Wiens of the Circle Cinema… for your good ol’ Oklahoma hospitality… and thanks for the offer to screen Bloodline again in the near future!

- René Barnett

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