Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bloodline - Ritual Pool

Bruce and the crew discover the remains of an ancient ritual pool, which sits at the heart of a triangular field, near the centre of Henry Lincolns Rennes-Le-Chateau pentagram.

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Anonymous said...

What did priory mean by saying that there's no guardian for the repository and the tombs after Sauniere? What's their job then? They no everything, watch everything but need 3rd party to take care of everything! Why didn't they try to stop Ben if they are so powerful as to remind him of 'immediate and severe consequences’ if he proceeds with the other tombs?!! And look who's telling us about the other 2 tombs! Why revealing secrets and then threatening not to disturb them? And why did they let those bodies be destroyed in caves? I think they would have been a lot safer in priory GM's basement!
Most importantly, why are they trying to supress the truth? So that greedy film makers can make money for making separate documentary for each tomb one at a time? What a regal way of letting the world know 'The most explosive and controversial discovery of the century'...You have to buy a movie ticket for that! And after 2 years of patient finger crossing we are told that all they have found so far is that the mummy had a middle eastern mother!
Who's stopping them to remove the stones and enter the tombs and repositories? No french army or CIA men in black are guarding the area! Why Ben Hammott extracted the hair samples? Why not the parchments, which would give far more decisive information?

Sake of Archaeology may be? Well, be prepare for another 50 years of waiting before they can cover it up in disguise of scholarly happened to dead sea scrolls.

I can see what will happen next. French authority will decide that it would be unethical to disturb the tombs...they don't want to hurt chistian beliefs bla bla...or the bodies are so fragile that excavation of any kind would destroy them...therefore, they should be left untouched forever etc.

Capitalism and church would never let de-stabilize the status quo by revealing such a timebomb. Like the episodes of X-files, it is better if we keep speculating when the real proof is 'out there' and help boosting the New age 'speculation' industry.

We want them to declare in the movie that this mummy is for sure Mary magdalen's or her daughter's and jesus did marry and impregnated her..if producers can't do that and beg for more research, then I would say this film is a 'deception of the century'. Sure, they deserve to be millionaire fot the discovery but they should have waited for a conclusive answer.