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Just to let you know my book, Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar, is now available to purchase from this website: or my main research website:

100 years ago a French priest embedded clues in his church leading to a secret location.

Those clues have been solved.

That location has been found.

The SECRET is revealed!

678 pages with 331 images to illustrate every important step of my quest

The book is approximately 8" x 5" and Expected UK price is £15.95

Some of the topics covered include:

How I first came to hear of the Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery and my first and subsequent visits to the village and the surrounding area.

How Sauniere's church clues were solved and how they led to my discoveries.

Full details and images of the 'Sauniere messages' are finally disclosed, including exactly how and where they were discovered and the information they contain.

Full details of the Tomb discovery, the objects inside and how Sauniere's church was used to find it. Including what took place when the tomb was filmed and how the hair sample was taken.

Information about a second tomb at Pontils.

'Sauniere's Confession' - what part if any did he play in the brutal murder of the Abbé Antoine Gelis, the motive and how it might have been carried out. Including the report of an investigation into the murder by a modern day murder Detective Inspector, Colin Taylor, Metropolitan Police (ret) Also an English translation of some of the French police reports and autopsy translation.

Full reports on all the tests and examinations by experts on all of the discoveries.

Read about my exploits above and below ground as the clues and the information on the 'Sauniere messages' were acted upon.

Mary Magdalene investigated - Saint or Sinner? What role did Mary play in the life of Jesus before and after the crucifixion? Is there any evidence to the legends that Mary Magdalene came to France and how far back into history can this story be traced?

The meetings with the DRAC to report the Tomb, our subsequent visit to the site and our discussions about the planned future excavation of the tomb.

Lois Gibson, a respected forensic artist who is recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records as "The World's Most Successful Forensic Artist," agreed to do a face reconstruction sketch from photographs of the Tomb's occupant, you can see the result for yourself in the book.

To learn more about my Research and Discoveries visit:

Beginnings by Ben Hammott Available 2010 - Sample Chapters Posted Shortly on my website.

AMAZON ADVENTURE by Ben Hammott - Read Sample Chapters

Coming in 2010 the new novel that continues Fawcett's quest to find his Lost City of Z

The date is 1925

The location is the Amazon Jungle.

Colonel Percy Fawcett, his son Jack and close friend Raleigh Rimmell, are looking for a lost City rumoured to be hidden in the unexplored regions of the cannibal inhabited jungle.

Dead Horse Camp is situated at the boundary of unexplored territory. Ahead lay the unknown, danger, and perhaps a Lost Civilisation.

The three explorers enter the jungle never to be seen or heard from again. Until now!

Present day - New information that reveals what befell the Fawcett expedition reaches the civilised world. A team is put together to travel to the Amazon jungle. Their task is to unravel the mystery and find the Lost City of Z.

But the journey to the Lost City is just the beginning. Inside lurks danger and a secret those guarding it will kill to protect. Survival will not be easy, escape impossible.

Fawcett's adventure continues in AMAZON ADVENTURE Journey to Colonel Fawcett's Lost City

Ben Hammott


kk said...

hi...i am karthik..and am from not a Christian but i really liked the movie Blood line.The discoveries that you made are mind blowing.i have a small request..could you email me the status of the excavations etc to my personal email?....i knw am asking you a really interested to know the advancements regarding the findings..

thank you

Lori Hughes said...

Hi, my name is Lori Hughes and I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. I just finished watching Bloodline and have been fascinated with the Bloodline Mystery since reading Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code, and have been conflicted as to what to believe regarding the Jesus legend. I am what you call a sceptic and do not believe things until I have actual proof and have seen it for myself, and this mystery has had my intetest for quite some time. I would be very interested in hearing and seeing any updates on the excavation of the tomb when they are available.

Thank You
Lori Hughes

Anonymous said...


Thanks for taking the trouble to post all this stuff.
I recently watched the Bloodline Movie, and I liked it, it wasn't without its faults, but then you can say that about most if not all films. I did some research as I wanted to find out more about the topic and discoveries made in the film and I found an interesting website that goes into more detail about some of the discoveries made by Ben Hammott in the film: and it is well worth checking out, lots of interesting stuff with some really good images.
As the article mentioned, Ben has just released a book about his research and discoveries that goes into great detail on how he managed to solve the clues in the Rennes-le-Chateau church which were hidden there around 100 years ago by its priest Beranger Sauniere.
I received my copy about a week ago and I was immediately impressed by the cover, the size of the book, 678 pages, and all the images, over 300. But you cannot judge a book by its cover, well not usually but this time you can as an extremely well written and keeps you wanting to read more, no mean feat for a first time writer like Ben.
It is a very easy book to read and Ben injects moments of great humor that will have you laughing out loud. The book tells of Ben's journey from first hearing about the the Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery up to his last discovery.
Even if you did not like the Bloodline film, do not let it put you off of reading ben's book: LOST TOMB OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR as it really is a great book, a very entertaining read on all levels, even if you know nothing about Rennes-le-chateau or have no interest in it.
Sorry to go on but I do feel this book, and also the film, needs to be seen and read by a wider audience, it is that good.

Mr. Seeker said...

as you can tell my name says it all. personally i believe this to be a folly. I do not believe that you have reveled the secret of Jesus and the bloodline. This subject if it is to be a subject at all would have most certainly gotten you killed!
As a Master Mason i have done extensive research on this subject and have gotten dead ends. I furthermore believe that this is another crazy concocted scheme to acquire money I mean lets be real if you have discovered the truth money would not be an option for you so why charge for the movie???????????
respond if you want my e-mail address is available.

Starup said...

Hi Ben Hammot
I was in Rennes-Le-Château 5 times (and will go this summer too). One year ago, I've found a long cave ... like the one in "Bloodline" but without body but perhapts with a grave. Sorry for my English, I'm from Switzerland =). How can I show you pictures from this long cave in the mountain next to Rennes les Bains?

Anonymous said...

Hi, ¿this book will be translated to Spanish?.


american pc shop said...

It seems to me that if the southwest section of France is as humid or damp as they say,that the maps and messages in the bottles would have show more moisture damage than what they did. This is were I start to question credibility. Camille

Dena said...

The bottles were sealed with a red wax to minimize any elements from getting into the bottle. Watch the movie again.

Stefan said...

I just watched the movie, fascinating stuff indeed. Somehow, for some reason, I've had a gut feeling that the mummy in the tomb is not Mary Magdalene, but one of the Jesus' children. According to Nicolas Haywood there are three tombs in the area of Rennes-Le-Chateau. I truly believe the mummies in these tombs are all His children. Jesus nor Mary never went to France. Most likely the direct descendants of Jesus number hundreds of thousands around the world. The truth shall be revealed!

Kris said...

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Anonymous said...

Just watched the movie for the first time. It was very interesting. I was expecting to find updates on the excavation progress mentioned in the last part of the movie but your site seems geared towards showings, tours and collectibles. Where are the updates???

Anonymous said...

I am a devoted Atheist that sees any religion as an oppressing doctrine that encourages, nourishes and justify ignorance. I am also a devoted scientist, a nuclear chemist, which understands the principles of carbon dating, general archeology and scientific common sense. There is a reason why people go to college and are trained for many years in the handling of old materials and documents and you just proof them all right. The way you opened the allegedly encountered bottles, the way you handled the old documents inside them, the way you opened the wooden box and manipulate the contents and everything else is criminal, you should be put in jail today for destroying historical evidence. There was no dating on the box at all, you tapped with your nail on the clay vessel, are you kidding me???
It is true however that many archeological encounters have been made by untrained personal, construction workers and so on, but in all cases trained personnel have been brought to the scene immediately to take care of excavations and proper record, dating and characterization of the pieces, nevertheless you felt you could do it by your own.
There is only an alternative for this alleged fact of a Mary Magdalene tomb, and it is that everything was a lie that would not withstand the slightest scientific test and scrutiny. The documentary was made in 2008, and still in 2011 (almost 2012) there is no official excavation on the site. If you want to claim that there hasn’t been a follow up because of some sort of conspiracy of people that do not want to reveal the secret that will be a plain lie; every scientist there is would love to put its hands on this finding, and they will even create the next French Revolution to do it.
It is for fakes like you that the church and ignorance grows bigger every day, because you are the classic example the believer quote when somebody tries to attack the verisimilitude of their fairy tales…