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We have made so many new friends from many varying beliefs, practices, disciplines and philosophies on our journey to Bloodline. Gloria Amendola is one of the most fascinating, and while she and I may come to this mystery from different directions, I have come to value her as a close and dear friend, and I hope she says the same of me. I think certainly one thing we both agree on is that there is room for everyone in this ongoing conversation.

We are grateful to Gloria and to all those who helped facilitate a screening in that magical village in Southwest France called Rennes-le-Chateau. Regrettably, work prevented Bruce and I from being able to attend, but we look forward to another screening in the Region in the near future. We’ll keep you posted on that as well as other upcoming Bloodline screenings and appearances.

– René Barnett, Bloodline Producer

Gloria Amendola

On the evening of September 21, 2008 at La Capitol in Rennes le Chateau, France, right next to the mayor’s office, Bloodline was shown to an audience of about seventy people. The viewers included the locals, French Templars, the English, Dutch and Germans, an indigenous shaman, and a handful of Americans.

It was certain to be a tough and critical audience but it was imperative the film be shown in the village, especially given the new evidence showcased in the film and the new mayoral administration with its sense of forward thinking.

Since Rene Barnett and Bruce Burgess couldn’t be in Rennes le Chateau because of prior commitments, those of us who were there stepped up to help out. Thanks to Victor Serino and Ruben Rivera, whose financial and technical support made this night a reality. Others who helped out included Ani Williams, Nancy Safford, Gerda & Tobias Dobler, as well as some of the village residents.

It took some time to put the pieces in place, but once we did, we all breathed a sigh of relief that this moment had finally come. A few people did walk out during the screening. Some appeared cynical and somewhat mocking. Others seemed hopeful that Bloodline would finally move this story forward in a new and credible way.

Authors Henry Lincoln and Tim Wallace-Murphy, investigator Colin Taylor, and “the tomb man,” Ben Hammott were all in attendance for the post-film discussion. I facilitated the Q&A session afterwards, with the help of Ruben Rivera translating.

Rene wanted to give Henry his due acknowledgment so that sentiment was delivered after the film by Tim. Henry then strolled up to the front of the room to acknowledge the accolades and joined in on the Q&A.

Tim and Henry had much to say and Ben patiently waited his turn. Finally his time came and he added his insights and experiences to the debate. He said there had been three meetings with the DRAC and provided some details on those meetings.

Ben then clarified something about the Sauniere parchments. He said a linguistics expert had looked at what people say is bad French on those parchments, but that it likely contained a code to the language used by Sauniere.

I had hoped for more discussion on the Sauniere parchments, the parchments presented by Gerard Thom, the alleged underground repository in the area, and the bloodline. No one in the audience refuted the idea of the bloodline or the idea of the marriage of Jesus & Mary. What they did refute was that Ben actually unearthed this evidence!

One man chided Ben for claiming to find objects in a nearby cave known to some as the Cave of the Magdalene. He said no one else had found anything in there. Ben’s response was simple. He said it was because the whole cave area just hadn’t been searched.

It’s understandable that people were apprehensive about the film and this new evidence. There have been so many hoaxes involving the Rennes le Chateau mystery. But the more time that passes, the more Ben’s evidence can be examined with objectivity rather than with the incredible emotional charge this whole story still holds over us.

People were engaged in the film, and most stayed for the discussion. I think the debate could have gone on for some time, but it was late and tensions had run high all weekend. Ani said history was made that night, and looking back, I think she was right.

So whatever criticism or skepticism was expressed, Bloodline continues to keep the discussion alive as to what is buried in the environs of Rennes le Chateau.

Thankfully there are those who remain determined to find proof that will finally crack the codes of that region – whether it is to be found in Templar tombs, from further evidence of the real Jesus story, or by unveiling the true identity of Magdalene. Maybe that would explain why she was an inspiration to Abbes Boudet and Sauniere, and Marie Denarnaud.


Since writing this article, I have begun to further understand one of the key players in this puzzle, certainly in the Sauniere era – Marie Denarnaud. She has fascinated me for a long time. I have always felt the account of her story was…well…wrong.

If you go to my website at and scroll down to the July 2, 2008 entry called The Bloodline Mysteries, you can read how Marie’s spirit came to me one day with a very curious message while I was visiting Rennes le Chateau.
I have encountered some strange theories on my walkabouts in the area. It was suggested to me that Marie Denarnaud was the daughter of Berenger Sauniere, or that her father had a strong association with Abbe Boudet and to follow that lead.

But what feels right to me is that Marie knew the secrets of the tunnels and underground truth of the region, both literally and figuratively. Did that mean she had trained for the guardianship of the grail even before she met Sauniere? Was she placed in the village to awaken her ancestral memories and help the priest make sense of things? Or did she already understand the bloodline enigma that had been protected for generations? Is that why no harm ever came to her and why she took these secrets to her grave?

This scenario answers some nagging questions and is one I will explore in my upcoming tour of the area in April to further understand the land and its grail codes.
If interested in making this journey, please go to to find out more. Space is very limited at this time.

I would like to thank Melinda from The Melinda Channel for some key intuitive insights that helped me connect the dots.
Her website is


Anonymous said...

Why would the Catholic Church lie only to later desire that the world know the truth? Why not just tell the truth from the beginning. If Jesus had children it would only make him more human, not less divine. Divinity has nothing to do with magical powers, but rather wisdom. And I believe that wisdom is what is being hidden from us. Wisdom that has placed certain individuals in power, financially, socially, and religiously. If the story of The mother of Jesus is false, then the idea of a Lucifer, Satan, Heaven and Hell also becomes false. And the religions that have basically molded our judicial system, educational system, banking system are merely a scheme to increase the wealth of others based on placing fear in the hearts of many around the world. Was there even a Jesus? I strongly believe that we have been led down the wrong path completely, because their is a higher power that is in fact divine and majestic. Tell The Pope To give the name of the one whom we all call GOD. Stop digging in the ground, and go straight to the source, because you will only find what they want you to find, therefore you will have become a part of their game of deceiving billions of individuals around the world.

Anonymous said...

I wonder Why you've gotten so far with all of this? Why have you been allowed to dig for dead bodies without being exposed to some sort of bullet grazing experience? or car crash, or burning house? If Jesus did not die on the cross, who let him down off the cross? Why don't you guys just start looking for the remains of Jesus? We know the Templars existed as well as the temple of Solomon, and Hiram Abif, so why not sart there guys? we kNow Freemasonry exists, and we know that the foundation of everything around the world stems from the knowledge of Freemasonry. Find out what Freemason is in the Church. Follow the money and find the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

A while ago I bought your book and it was great! Unfortunatly more and more people accuse you of faking the discoveries and say that the tomb does not exist.

How do you feel about this?
What's the status on the tomb right now?

Pardon my bad english...

With kind regards,
Iwan de Groot
The Netherlands

DarkStarAz said...

So the Templars discover proof that JC an MM had a baby - and that there is this incredible bloodline running around the planet, information that is an absolute worldwide game changer.
Rather than use the info to enlighten humanity they use it to blackmail the Church and they themselves become part of coverup.
Makes the Templars worse than the church IMO...

Anonymous said...

It definitely makes a perfect sense that we have been misguided from the truth. I for one certainly agree that If Jesus had lived a more human life, it will only make him more Human and not Less Divine. I also have different perspective of religion, it certainly has always been an instrument to gain power with the fear of unknown. God is only a super nature power, the epicenter of all source of energy and all the people who have ever made mark in the history as Divine, are just high souls with purpose to teach in the world. They are nothing more than messengers with devine purpose and spiritual aims. However this is truely the changing the era, the quest era, where the people are more inquisitive about truth and facts and are least bothered about its implication. There is no more dangerous that believing false truth. Church out to be more sinner than the the one who actually committed false.

Amália said...