Friday, June 6, 2008

Bloodline coming to Sedona, AZ!

Confirmed for July 11, 12, 13

Sedona Dream Theater
6615 Hwy 179
Sedona , AZ 86351

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Anonymous said...

For many of us who are mystics this has been a known truth for most of our lives, my grandmother used to tell me tales of how the Vatican and others covered up the fact that Mary escaped, via a land bridge from Turkey to Greece and then to France, she had documents written by her grandmother which stated unequvically that Mary Magdalen had dien and was buried in France. As a young woman I search through endless pages of information concerning this and now in my 60's I know that what Grandmother shared with me was true, the Vatican, the Masonic Lodge, the KNights Templar and others over the last two thousand years have hidden the facts in order to perpetuate the belief that Jesus was not a man, in order to keep the wealth of the church and others in tack. Read the book,
The Magdalene Scrolls and there you have a small bit of the truth! Mary and Jesus were man an wife, he survived the crucifiction, they fled and the rest is history, there is a blood line indeed.