Friday, June 13, 2008

Bloodline opens in more US cities & is a hit at CANNES

Due to the outstanding success in NEW YORK CITY & LOS ANGELES, we are very pleased to report that the film is opening in more cinemas over the coming weeks in PASADENA, CA, in NEWPORT BEACH, California, in YELM, Washington State in BELLINGHAM, Washington State, in PORTLAND, Oregon in DALLAS, Texas, in TEMPE, Arizona and in SEDONA, Arizona. Please click on the THEATER icon on the Home Page to get exact details, and if you live in those cities go to the GET INVOLVED page, download the flyers & posters and help spread the word.

And as we have said before, if you want Bloodline to play in your town, send us and email, give us the name of the town and your local cinema details and we’ll see what we can do. Better Still !!! contact the cinema yourself and tell them you want to see Bloodline playing there !! The best marketing is by word of mouth.

In addition the film was screened to buyers from around the world at the Cannes Film Festival, and the first round of distribution deals are being negotiated with Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Korea, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, France and Italy. We will give you more details on release dates in each territory as soon as we know it.

Finally we expect the long-awaited STORE page to be open soon on the website.


Sofia said...

hi everybody... i found the trailer on internet this week, and i can´t wait to watch the documentary, my only problem is that I´m in Santiago, Chile. I´m chilean and here these tipes of debates start having crew. I´m very facinate by the fact that you found this tumb. Please, if you know where can I see the film contact me, or if you guys need anything from this corner of the world... thanks and i hope, you want to send the documentary soon to latin america... bye.. and VIVA CHILE (sorry my english)

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