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Anonymous said...

The jig is up for these 'discoveries'. The clue parchments could not possibly have been written by Sauniere, for a number of reasons:

1) There are mistakes in the French grammar which suggest the writer was not a native speaker. For example, parchment 2 says "La route que vous suivre est pleine de danger." That infinitif ('suivre') should not be there. Also in the parchment where Sauniere confesses that the resurrection was a trick, he uses the wierd phrase 'le vere histoire'. What's wierd is that 'histoire' is a feminine noun, not masculine, and 'vere' isn't a French word at all, it's Latin. The parchment also says 'le resurrection' when 'resurrection' is also a female pronoun.
2) The signature on the first parchment has a number of serious mistakes which would never have been made by the owner of that signature (for example, the accent mark is reversed, contrary to all known samples of Sauniere's signature).
3) The strokes are those of contemporary Anglophone writers, not 19th Century French writers. Also, the writing on the parchments is a clumsy print whereas Sauniere used a flowing, elegant cursive.
4) The ink is garishly red and looks to have come from a felt-tip marker. Did they have soluble inks back in the 19th Century?
5) There is no historical evidence that Sauniere renounced his faith. In fact, to his dying day he was struggling to be reinstated as abbe of RLC, and received the last rites. The deathbed confession to Abbe Riviere is a legend, never confirmed by witnesses or primary sources.
6) The provenance of the bottles and the way they were discovered strongly suggests a set-up.

When will you people open your eyes?

Anonymous said...

WOW when are you gonna open your eyes?
Clues in paintings, stories and rumors all talk about about the the Knights coming to France bringing the Holygrail and a treasure. We been told for years that in the last super that Mary picture is a man do you still think that? Do you still believe that the earth is flat it was once believe by everyone and it said so in a book so it must be true right?
How many stories do you know of that invole first century relic coming to france?
If this is all fake then the tomb must be fake to right?

Why go through all the trouble of making three maps when 1 would of been enough if the Sauniere letters are all fake. They must of made the relics and coins too in the house with supplies they bought from the hardware store.

Check out your signature from 10 years ago till now mine changes eveytime I sign it, it's close but depends on my mood when I write it. You could figure out what type of day I was having if you studie my signature.

Where's your proof that Jesus wasn't married or had kids? The bible? If you do your home work on how the bible was put together you might change your mind. Plus The bible isn't even complete some parts were burned by the mother of the man that first found them before he hid them again.

Fact is the Rumor has it that the Knights brought to france a treasure and the holygrail.

Wow look they found a Knight templar tomb, 1st century relics from the holy land but it's all made up. The rumors just didn't start for no reason and have been around for hunders of years. Now that thier might be proof you jump the gun before the tomb is even open. Do you home work and you might see the truth that this is one of the greatest discovery of all time, all time. I hope something in that tomb can prove what most of us already know that the church was built on a lie. The real questions is did the church changed things to protect the blood line of Jesus or to make a world where man was the ruler.

They now have real proof to go with the rumors does the church have theirs? (really what proof does the church have) The dating of the relics and the tomb is enough for me. Can they prove it maybe not but it's more then what the church has to offer. You can live by your well the bible said so, so it must be ture. I guess the earth is still flat cause a book said so to.

Ben Hammott said...

Don't take as fact things said by those who have their own agenda to discredit the findings.
Try this link for an unbiased look by a French language professor at the French in the messages, he soon picks up that there is an embedded code when he sees one of the messages (described as the third message) read word for word is "Gibberish", and "Yet the vocabulary, and the spelling, are relatively accurate and in their way, quite sophisticated".
VERE (=TRUE) is Latin, there are many Latin words dispersed throughout the messages as part of the code. So 'le vere histoire' would read as, 'the true history'

Anonymous said...

The mistakes in the French and the sentence structures also show a very strong hint that the writer was a native English-speaker with little knowledge of proper French. Additionally, reading the quotes from the "expert" as provided by Sandy Hamblett's we can clearly see that tact and diplomacy are the only things preventing this person from calling this "concocted" "gibberish" an outright fraud.

But more importantly, the precise location in which Ben found the chest had been documented as being thoroughly searched and even sounded with metal rods back in the late 60s. Which means Sauniere had to have organized quite a "sleep walking" extra-sepulchral expedition for himself, in order to bury that chest there AFTER that time, so that Ben could find it there.

Anonymous said...