Thursday, May 1, 2008

This idea of a Bloodline

I wanted to share this email that I received yesterday from one of my friends on MySpace. I think it perfectly sums up both the real importance of this idea of a bloodline, as well as the connection we all have with Jesus, each other and God.

Namaste Bruce,

I just got a chance to listen to the interview that you and Rene did on 4/21. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and I am also very proud of both of you. You and Rene are the absolute correct ones to do the investigation and tell the rest of the world. Anyone else would not have taken it seriously and simply repeated the same stuff that has already been said about it, which quite frankly, isn't much.

There is one thing that I would like to clear up. During the interview, you stated that this discovery would prove that Jesus was just a regular man and not the son of God. That is not really accurate. Jesus was indeed, the son of God. The question is not whether or not he was the son of God. He was, but the point that Jesus tried to tell humanity is that we are ALL sons and daughters of God. So Jesus is not special in that sense. He was a son of God who did something we consider mundane when he got married and had children. If Jesus had children, then that means he had sex. That is the problem. The church incorrectly teaches that in order to have direct access to God, you can't marry and be intimate. This is also done make a separation between Jesus and all other human beings, and in doing so, control the masses. You absolutely can be married, have children and be DIVINE.

You, Bruce, are also a son of God just as Jesus was/is. Rene is a daughter of God and you both have Christ Consciousness encoded within your DNA. ALL of humanity does. The blueprint of our original Source is always with us, no matter how many lifetimes you live. You can never separate yourself from God because that is who you are. From a traditional Christian standpoint that would be a very blasphemous statement, but the Truth is that the only difference between you and Jesus is that he became FULLY enlightened. He was able to bring forth Christ Consciousness and perform miracles, which are actually not miracles at all, but our Divine inheritance.

Even though the Bloodline does exist and many of us are, indeed, here now, being in the Jesus family does not make us "special". In Truth, we are all family. When humanity comes to understand this, maybe we will be more willing to reveal ourselves to most people.

Keep up your wonderful work and search for Truth!

I look forward to watching Bloodline on May 9th in New York City. I am getting ready to call the theater to see if I can get tickets.


Sara de Kali

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John said...

Just finished seeing Bloodline at NYC premier -- excellent continuation of a book I first read in the mid-1980s. This is a logical continuation of Holy Blood Holy Grail the 1982 non-fiction work that served as a basis for much of Dan Brown's fictional work. I'm glad Burgess is carrying on and anticipate a great follow on film to Bloodline. I'm only surprised that it has taken a quarter of a century to pick up where Holy Blood... left off.