Friday, May 2, 2008

LIVE webcast from the NYC press conference

Thanks to everyone that tuned in, especially the chat-room people for keeping it lively!

We will post an edited version of the event ASAP here:

Sincere apologies for the delays and technical difficulties.
Many thanks for listening to the audio.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately after about 5 minutes of speaking, your live webcast was cut off for some reason. :(

cjt said...

It continued approx. one half hour later but in audio only on my end.

looking forward to seeing the complete conference eventually. it was very validating and intriguing to say the least.

Anonymous said...

yes, the last half of the conference audio came back. What I heard was fascinating. I hope they post the whole video if they have it, here.

Art said...


Art here from
the astrologer friend of Beth. Excellent publicity except the news conference was a bit dodgy but all around BUZZ is phenomenal.

Just wanted to say after looking at some current transits to your natal chart: that should be feeling quite confident as we move toward the premiere on May 9th with transiting Jupiter making an exact trine to your natal Pluto in Virgo with master degree of 22.
Also your communication level will be quite strong this week with Mercury sextile Saturn, SesquiSquare your natal Venus and on May 10th conjunct your MC MidHeaven for public presentations.
Peace and Light