Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bloodline on Coast to Coast AM radio TONIGHT!

Sunday May 4th, 2008
Director Bruce Burgess and Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe will be Live on Coast to Coast AM radio tonight with George Noory at 1am ET / 10pm PT.

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Gale said...

Did you intentionally schedule the release of this movie for the mid-point of Night 5 of the Mayan Calendar's Galactic Underworld or is this an incredible coincidence? I've been waiting for something like this to erupt this year. Thank you for your courage!

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course you're on "Coast to Coast"--with all the other loons. That's just where this piece of tripe belongs: UFO's, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Lochness Monsters, spooky government conspiracies, Dan Brown (idiot extraordinaire)--and now this. Do you understand how utterly stupid it is to posit that Mary Magdalene took the body of Jesus from the grave and hence "fooled" the disciples? Do you understand what the historical and eye-witness evidence is for this? Did MM also singlehandedly overpower the military guard that was placed there to protect an officially sealed tomb (an act punishable by death)? Did she by her lonesome roll away a 2-ton stone--up hill--to get to the body? Did MM also cause mass hallucuinations of over 500 disciples at one time (1 Cor 15). Did MM also create an illusion of the resurrected Christ when he appeared to the disciples after the resurrection, on many occasions, over a 40-day period? Did she also orchestrate the Damascus road conversion of Saul/Paul, the greatest persecuter of the church at that time? Did she also talk the apostles into dying horribly (crucified, burned in oil, flayed alive, for starters)instead of recanting that they had seen the risen Christ themselves?!

Wow! She's good! LOL!

Yeah, you'll convince the antennae-wearing Coast to Coast crowd, that's for sure, LOL. Go ahead, take their hard-earned money. They will eagarly hand it over to you. But the rest of us normal folks are just not that stupid.

Gale said...

"The first reaction to truth is hate."

WOW! I see your hate seething through! I certainly don't believe everything that was written in a book used to manipulate people through the ages.

Anonymous said...

"The first reaction to truth is hate."

I'm sorry, I must have missed it. Where is the "truth" part again?

"WOW! I see your hate seething through!"

Hate? No. Indignation due to deceit? Most certainly.

"I certainly don't believe everything that was written in a book used to manipulate people through the ages."

Wow, that's a pretty "hateful" statement. But as you said, "the first reaction to truth is hate" (John 15:18-20).

Manipulate is what way, precisely? Because in it you are given clear indication that there is a God to whom you will give an account upon your death? That's true whether you accept it or not. And your ignorance of that fact will not rescue you from it (Rom 1:18-20; 3:19). Mankind (this producer notwithstanding) desperately looks for something--anything--that will provide some kind of escape hatch against the just wrath of God so that he can live for himself without acknowledging the rightful claims of his Creator. But in so doing he places himself under even greater condemnation. Can you imagine standing before the throne of Jesus Christ and trying to explain why you made a film that blasphemes Him in this way?

You must repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. That is the only "escape hatch." That is the only refuge.

Gale said...

You need to crawl out the box "they" have stuffed you in. "God" is in you, She is in me, we are one! There is nothing to repent, we are all perfect creations of the divine!

Anonymous said...

"You need to crawl out the box "they" have stuffed you in."

Who exactly is "they"? I came to faith in Christ by looking at the evidence.

""God" is in you, She is in me, we are one! There is nothing to repent, we are all perfect creations of the divine!"

And what exactly is your authority for this--beside your misguided opinion, that it? Is there some authority beyond your own subjective "feeling" that assures us you have not simply been deceived by the Deceiver?

"Perfect creations" of WHAT divine? And perfect in what way, exactly? That no one ever dies of natural causes, no one ever murders, no one steals, no one cheats, no one commits adultery, no one engages in senseless violence against another, . . . right? The problem with your "theology" is that it denies reality. Sorry, but I need evidence. Show me yours and I'll show you mine.

Gale said...

Define reality. This world is just an illusion. I am a student of "A Course in Miracles." Read it and wrap your head around that for a while. It makes a lot of sense once you are able to absorb it. It's not an easy read, but it proves that only love is real. Everything else is just a creation of your own imagination. Read it first, then argue with me. I already read the Bible.

Love and Light to YOU!

Anonymous said...

"Define reality."

When I sit on a pin, I dislike what I feel. If that happens to you, too, then you are in the same reality I am, whether you happen to acknowledge it or not.

"This world is just an illusion. I am a student of "A Course in Miracles."

How do you know that book is not just an illusion?

"It's not an easy read, but it proves that only love is real."

Unless of course the book, its author, and its content are nothing more than a creation of your mind. How do you know for certain otherwise?

In other words, your worldview is completely self-refuting. You just asserted what you believe to be an absolute: viz., that love is real. And you claim to have learned that from a book that you assume is real. And that book, in turn, was written by an author that you also assume is real. But if you believe that everything but love is an illusion, then how can you be certain you read a book called, "A Course in Miracles"? If I believe everything but love is an illusion, how do you know you are even conversing with another human in this thread?

"I already read the Bible."

I doubt it. Everyone in your camp claims to have read it, but no one in your camp accurately represents what it says.

Gale said...



Anonymous said...


I'd rather you bow to the Lord Jesus Christ instead. But I did not get an answer from you. How do you know the book you read is real? If you cannot prove that it is real in your worldview (in fact, your worldview would insist that it is NOT real), then nothing prevents the contents of the book from being a figment of your imagination. And if the contents are just a figment of your mind, then the premise "Nothing is real except love" is likewise a figment of your mind. And, of course, your worldview self destructs, doesn't it? As well, the author of the "A Course in Miracles" turns out not to be quite as profound a "thinker" as you first thought. In fact, that entire worldview is rather tenuous, doesn't it? And so we are right back at the evidence for the Resurrection of Christ staring you in the face and beckoning you to follow the evidence, and pleading with you to repent of your New Age nonsense and turn to the only one who can rescue you from the certain judgment of God that is coming upon all who reject the truth.

Can you answer how you validate truth in your system?

Gale said...

I can validate the truth in my system because of the miracles that have occurred in my life since I changed my way of seeing the world. My health has literally become perfect and I am over 50, my personal life and career have become nothing less than awesome. Argue all you want but long ago I was like you, fundamentalist and miserable. I am happy and healthy because I know that my soul and yours are perfect. They always were and always will be.

The divinity in me honors the divinity in you! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

"I can validate the truth in my system because of the miracles that have occurred in my life since I changed my way of seeing the world."

All you have really done here is throw your subjective lot in with Scientology, Christian Science, New Age philosophy, Eastern Mysticism, Positive Thinking, Pop PSychology, and dozens of other cults who say the same thing and claim that THEIR way is the "true" truth. How do you know their way isn't true instead?

Here are the plain facts. You will grow old and you will die. And there is absolutely nothing your religion can do about it. And your religion has no explanation for death. But the sad fact is, at the point of death it will be my belief that prevails, not yours. You won't be facing your divine spark in judgment--you will be facing Jesus Christ, to whom all judgment has been given.

"My health has literally become perfect and I am over 50, my personal life and career have become nothing less than awesome."

And Satan will do all he can to ensure you are as comfortable as you can be in his religion so that you'll never think to turn from it.

"Argue all you want but long ago I was like you, fundamentalist and miserable."

Then you were never like me because I am far from miserable. How could I possibly be miserable? I will spend eternity in the presence of Christ.

"I am happy and healthy because I know that my soul and yours are perfect. They always were and always will be."

You are deceived, I'm afraid. But that's not uncommon. The Deceiver is more crafty than we are.

"The divinity in me honors the divinity in you! Blessings!"

I have no divinity to honor except Christ in me.

By the way, you still have not explained how you know your read a book; nor how you know you are not just imagining that your health and life are going great. Maybe that's all an illusion. How do you know? More importantly, how CAN you know given the assumptions of your worldview?

Gale said...

Enjoy your kool-aid...

Anonymous said...

"Enjoy your kool-aid..."

Wow, good come-back. When you're out of truth, resort to cliches. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous. That,s a wonderful way to start off. First, you insult a bunch of people for listening to a radio program that you know nothing about. And by "bunch" I mean like several million people a night,many with your very same religous views. A cat named JC comes to mind. Ha!! But I guess you would have to listen to the program to get that joke.
Anyway for the sake of disscusion lets start with your facts and 500 witneses. Where do you derive these from?? You cite John,Romans, and Corinthians. All books written by your early church not by eye witneses. That,s a fact even by your own religous scholars. They where written 100-200 years after the fact. No one eyewitness wrote anything. And before you start on me let me point out the fact the burdon of proof is on you for making these statements. Not me!!
And if you have ANY PROOF (real evidence that these events happened the way you see it) then were all waiting. In fact the world is waiting. The story of the century, you my friend will be on the cover of time magizine!!
Is what you do have is a belief system. Period. A "belief" is something you put in place of ignorance and by that I mean, "you don't KNOW anything, you weren't there, therefore you "believe".
And everyone else, are fools, idiots, ect.
Gale pegged you right on. When you have a weak argument you have to start of with insults and hateful speach instead of real evidence.
By the way, my favorite is grape coolade.
Have a nice day look forword to hearing more "PROOF" Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God the earth is flat it said so in a book. Everything in the bible must be true to then.

Wow someone poeple just drive me crazy I see a real tomb and 1st century relics. Oh wait they must not be real cause it's not in the bible.

ChessNovice said...

I am a Roman Catholic by birth and while, I respectfully disagree with the idea that the resurrection and acension did not occur, neither do I believe that the fulfillment of these beliefs necessarily requires a physical resurrection and physical ascenion. I would argue that the resurrection and ascension of a spiritual nature are sufficient to bring the resurrection and anscension to fruition.

On the subject of the marriage between Jesus and Mary. Such a marriage would not negate the divinity of Jesus. Indeed the Nicene Creed affirms both the divinity and humanity of Jesus For us men and for our salvation, he came down from heaven: by the power of the Holy Spirit he was born of the Virgin Mary, and became man.

The possibility that Jesus was married and fathered children in my mind does not any way negate or invalidate the beliefs confessed in the Niceno-Constantanoplian creed.

On several occassions Jesus stated that as a part of his mission was to fulfill the law. Fulfillment of the law would have required Jesus to be fruitful and multiply as God commanded.

I should like to address myself to the anonymous writer who has been critical of those who ascribe to this belief. I respect your right to do so and will to paraphrase Voltaire defend your right to do so to the best of my ability even though we may not necessarily agree.

Having said that however, I would assert that the manner in which you have disparaged those who choose to believe in the idea of a marriage and a bloodline reduces the effacacy of your arguments.

I hope this discussion can foster a renewed debate on issues that affect churches today.

Anonymous said...

The whole notion of the "feminine divine" and the co-option of Mary of Magdala as the embodiment of such, is rooted in the pre-christian gnostic elucubrations of a few.

Serious academic research on Mary of Magdala makes it likelier that she is buried in Ephesus.

ChessNovice said...


That may well be the case, I can neither afirm nor deny the validity of the arguments made by yourself and Gale

In regards to the existence of a feminine aspect to God, is borne out by the Jewish traditions related to the Shekhinah

Anonymous said...

Wow some people just can't see the truth even if they seen it for their own eyes.

ChessNovice said...
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ChessNovice said...


One of the titles given to Mary Magdalene in the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches in communion with Rome Iσαπόστολος, isapostolos in Greek, aequalis apostolis
in Latin, which, translates into English as Equal to the Apostles

Another case and point is Saint Phoebe (1st century) who was a deaconess of the Church. She was commended to the congregation of Rome by St. Paul, who praised her for her assistance to him and who according to tradition delivered the Epistle to Romans to the congregation Her feast day is September 3rd.

I would humbly assert that Mary's designation and Phoebe's role in the early church are sufficient reasons to permit and work toward the full ordination and participation of women within the Ministry

Furthermore, I would argue that this position is consistent with the Jewish traditions that were the foundation for Christianity that affirmed the feminine aspect of the Divine Presence eximplified by the Shekhinah.

Anonymous said...

Just see how devisive religeon can make people - The bible was written many years after the death of Jesus, the stories within it are parables and allegories. The point was (imho) was to teach values and should be a guide to life not an unquestionable truth. It also teaches humility and tolerance, none of which is evident in this thread! If Jesus was married does that negate the essence of His word? I don't beleive so.
But one thing MUST be considered - If there is truth in this film, it might destroy the Church. Imagine the jobs, the wealth and the power that would be lost. Take Jesus' lead and tolerate an alternative opinion, and remember that had Jesus not challenged authority and popular opinion, the Christian Church would not exist and we would probably all be Jewish.
With Peace and Respect to all

paula said...

•••EVIDENCE: Law. data presented to a court or jury in proof of the facts in issue and which may include the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.•••

anonymous says..."I came to faith in Christ by looking at the evidence." someone can write a book and tell you from a young age that this was written from our creator's words and you believe it?
how can you expect anyone to believe as you believe and then to not ask questions or question sources? i never, never blindly trust anything i cannot substantiate as truth or evidence, as you so put it, that hasn't been proven or shown in a factual way.
to expect others to embrace what you believe is truth is hardly intelligent or rational.
christianity is created by man who is totally flawed and you have proven it by believing stories in a book and also by believing that others will embrace the same stories as truth when there is no evidence to convince us...
please join us in reality.
thanks and have a nice day.